Service and Modernization

From door operator upgrades to complete modernizations, ELTECH can offer all types of upgrade solutions to aging elevators.

  • Door Operator Upgrades
  • Fixture Upgrades
  • Hall and Car Door Replacement/Refurbishment
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement
  • Hydraulic Pumping Unit Replacement
  • Top of Car Railings
  • Machine Room Guarding
  • Machine and Controller Replacement
Elevator Service
Commercial Elevator installations

New Installations

We offer our services on a wide range of new products. We can provide LULA Lifts, Traction, Hydraulic and Machine Room Less Elevators to accommodate your building application. Every project is installed to the highest standard and with excellent and reliable service.



Our Maintenance Control Program is comprised of monthly preventative maintenance and TSSA required testing. Monthly preventative maintenance is the key to your elevator performance and reliability. The client login will allow access to our E-Log system, where you can view a log of the all the maintenance and testing that has been performed on your elevators.